Thursday, August 17, 2006

bouchercon panel

just got my bouchercon panel assignment.

YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG: the books that kept us awake all night.

fun title, but like most of these things it will take a little while to figure out exactly what we're supposed to be talking about.
ideas and suggestions welcome!

i imagine they'll wait to officially post the panels on the bouchercon site until requested changes have come in.

Bouchercon 2006


Sandra Ruttan said...

Hey, when is your panel? I got my panel assignment too. I just got a title, not a tag line, so I don't want to elaborate.

But John Rickards is the moderator! I have to wear an obscene t-shirt now.

anne frasier said...

sandra, mine is sunday at 10:30.

i didn't think john was going to bouchercon. there's a band here in town called total fucking blood. i really want one of their t-shirts.

Mary Louisa said...

Waaaa. I want to go to Bouchercon this year. I'm gonna have to wait until it comes to Baltimore, then I'll get to meet all you nuts.

Jaye Wells said...

Is this about book that kept you up or what is it about a book that makes you stay up?

anne frasier said...

mary louisa: i wish you were going too!! that would be so cool. but i'll see you in baltimore if not before.

jaye: I'm not sure. i think they'll post a longer description of it once things are ironed out.

Sandra Ruttan said...

John IS going! I'm getting him a hotel room. I just have to make some phone calls and get it transferred and sorted.

I want one of those t-shirts too!

Bill Cameron said...

I haven't heard if I got on a panel yet, but I am starting to hear what my schedule is gonna be like. Now I know where I'll be Sunday morning!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

With a title likethat I'm really bummed I'm going to miss this year. Oh well, I'll be at Baltimore come hell of high water.

anne frasier said...

sandra: john's going???? i had no idea!

i'm working on those t-shirts. i've been trying to get one for months, but i don't think anybody really believed me. they only print up a few for every show.

bill, my first reaction was to thank you for the support but BEG you not to come to my panel. i'm no good at that talking stuff. but that wouldn't be fair to the other panelists. and i'll bet you know CPR.

anne frasier said...

stephen, i agree that's a great title. maybe i can somehow work sex in the morgue into my contribution.

wish you were coming, too!

baltimore -- it's so weird to think that far ahead, wondering what stage everybody will be at by then.

angie said...

I go to ThrillerFest, you stay in Minnesota. You go to Bouchercon, I stay in Arizona. Dammit. One of these days... Your panel sounds like a lot of fun (a lot more interesting than the TFest one you didn't do, IMO). Have a freakin' awesome time!

anne frasier said...

angie, the panel topic does sound more interesting than the tfest one. now i'm trying to figure out how many days to stay.

i think we'll eventually meet!

Christa M. Miller said...

Kept you awake as in thinking about (which could go either way!), or as in it was so good you couldn't put it down?

ML and I plan to be a package deal at Baltimore, BTW... she is very sweet to take me on as a social charity case. ;)

anne frasier said...

christa, or so scary you couldn't go to sleep?

i'm sure i'll be hearing more about the focus in days to come.

i wish baltimore were next year!!

you and ML. i don't want to miss that!!

Bill Cameron said...

I haven't used my CPR in ten years, but in a pinch it should come back to me. I can also bring water, coffee, Tylenol, or even morphine. Sunday morning? I expect there'll be hangovers with the heft of Paris Hilton's obliviousness staggering around. If you want, I can be a plant. I'll ask pre-planned questions with simple, one-word answers that give you the opportunity to turn to your co-panelists and say, "But what do you think?"

anne frasier said...

bill, yes, the sunday morning aspect is reassuring. hangovers and sleeping and checking out. morphine and your planted questions would be plus.

it seems that the topics are left deliberately broad so we can put our own spin on them. i already have a few ideas.

Elizabeth said...

How fun! I so wish I was coming to Bouchercon so that I could meet you and see you on your panel!

Then again, everyone's comments are reminding me of how many weeks it took to wring my liver out after Thrillerfest.

Steve, maybe we'll have to start a Bouchercon-wannabe's support group.

anne frasier said...

elizabeth: i wish you were coming! and you are so right about the liver. i'm not sure i'll survive. you'll find my will under the mattress.

madison should be beautiful that time of year. i think the trees should be turning. happy eyeballs.

Bill Cameron said...

Well, turns out I got a panel after all. At 10:30 Sunday morning! Doh! I'll have to dole out the morphine ahead of time! (Elizabeth, you should just come anyway! Come it, you know you want to!)

anne frasier said...

bill, well crap! yes, the drug deal goes down at 10:00 sunday morning near the shoe shine stand.

glad you got on a panel!!