Sunday, August 27, 2006

dope and come closer by sara gran

i first read about sara's books at
where he had this to say: "DOPE may very well be the best book this year."

i have to agree. i just finished dope and it was wonderful. i read come closer about a month ago -- loved it too.
i would put both of these books in my top ten for the year -- and i read a lot of books this year.

and the covers -- wow. they are both amazing.

dope is a modern homage to vintage noir;come closer is more of a supernatural horror that at times put me in mind of Rosemary's Baby and The Yellow Wall-Paper. I'm not talking about plots or writing style, but mood and the way Gran captures the main character. the way we really live in her skin and see the character unraveling from the inside out. Another similar theme is the alienation between the main character and the very person who should be her most trusted support -- her husband.

sara's website

sara's blog


Tami said...

Wow, both covers are gorgeous, especially for Dope! Thanks for the recommendation Anne. I'll be putting them both on my list.

Jeff said...

Looks like my cup of tea. I'll definitely be picking up copies of both of these books. Thanks for the link, Anne. :)

Sandra Ruttan said...

I do love those covers!

Daniel Hatadi said...

COME CLOSER had me excited for days after I read it. It's exactly the kind of horror story I love.

Must get hold of DOPE soon.

Need DOPE now.

Give me DOPE.

anne frasier said...

sandra, yes, amazing covers. dope really got my attention, but come closer is really amazing too.

tami and jeff, i hope you like them!!

daniel, come closer was fantastic.

and dope -- hehe! the title itself is amazing. i can't believe her publisher went along with such a great title.

with both of these books i kept thinking, wow. this is so unlike what i think of a publisher buying and publishing. THIS IS MORE LIKE WHAT I WANT TO WRITE AND READ.