Monday, August 21, 2006

why didn't i think of that? oh, i did.


Setting words to music in a totally different way

Looks like it's not enough just to read the book when you can listen to soundtrack, as the WSJ's John Jurgensen found out over the weekend. Having seen the power of songs to promote TV shows, movies and even videogames, publishers and authors are increasingly experimenting with soundtracks for books. Writers like James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Lemony Snicket are giving out CDs with copies of their novels. Others, like Bret Easton Ellis, are posting music suggestions on Web sites, blogs such as Largehearted Boy (and his weekly "Book Notes" feature) or MySpace pages. In many cases, the soundtracks are aimed at appealing to younger readers.

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Stephen Blackmoore said...

There's a poetry radio show out here in Los Angeles where the host invites local poets to read their work and he plays music in the background. The one thing this has taught me is that everythign sounds better with Barry White.

If you can't do a CD, maybe you could get the local bands to give you some select songs on MP3 and you could host them for download? And maybe a link to their websites, or Amazon or CDBaby pages, if they have one? Some promo for PI and some promo for their bands?

Shouldn't cost much if they've already got the songs recorded. At most it's hosting and conversion to MP3.

anne frasier said...

stephen, i was wondering about that. i have no idea how to do the mp3 thing, but maybe i can figure it out.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I love musical referenced in fiction. Love love love. Rankin is awesome at this. There's even a fan site that lists all songs/bands/albums referenced in each Rebus book.

Rob Gregory Browne said...

I'm sorry. I don't buy a book so I can listen to a CD of music. I can see how the idea has merit, but for me personally, I'd rather pick my own music to listen to while I'm reading -- or, better yet, none at all.

Reading a book is an experience that doesn't need anything added to it to make it more enticing or more exciting.

The words do it all.

angie said...

I think it sounds like a nifty idea - especially with the studio in question's history. To me it would be a "bonus extra" thing that would be fun.

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Anonymous said...

The only book CD I have is from Pelecanos. It was a give away (with purchase of the book) at his signing for Soul Circus (I think). The Michael Connelly one was the same deal (but I missed the signing).

It's a great CD and I'm glad I have it. Would definately go out of my way for a signing with a CD. I've had good luck with buying music mentioned in books. Why not let the author do the hunting down? It also means that the bookstore hosting the event will get the sales, not discounters. As I recall, several people who brought a book to be signed bought a second copy to get the CD.

Thought I'd jump in, as the articles weren't making clear how the distribution of the CDs was being handled. I don't know how it would affect overall sales of the books, but it does help draw crowds to the signings and sales for that store.

anne frasier said...

sandra, I love it too. unless it's really bad -- and i think that's the problem. because we all have different tastes. i used to cringe at stephen king's choice in music. but it never stopped me from reading his books.

rob, i love the idea -- although i wouldn't listen while reading. 8 years ago i wrote a book in which i gave every chapter a song title. the main character was a musician, so it made some sense.

anne frasier said...

angie, i think so too. i know music has impact. when hush came out, over half the fan mail i received (not that i got that much!) in the first month was about the music.
all from guys, BTW. not sure what that means, but i found it interesting. that would have been an amazing cd if the songs in that book were compiled!

anne frasier said...

anonymous, thanks so much for stopping by with your input and for clarifying things. very, very interesting... and now you have me thinking and plotting again....