Saturday, August 05, 2006

The future is night

write this on your forehead:

August 22

The Clarity of Night Short Fiction Contest!

Party favors! Balloons! Clowns and jugglers! Bearded ladies! Monkeys on unicycles! Come one, come all to The Clarity of Night for another one of Jason's fantastic short fiction contests. Jason has been kind enough to invite me along for this journey, so together he and I will be slicing and dicing your entries. Kidding! Jason is known for his thoughtful and nurturing feedback, so I will try my best to avoid screwing that up.

While you're there, check out some of Jason's great fiction. Right now he's working on a serial called The Field that I think is one of his best.

more flashing going on: Jim Stitzel has created Flashes of Speculation.

About Flashes of Speculation:
Flashes of Speculation is dedicated to the sharing of works of flash fiction in the genre of speculative fiction. This includes science fiction, fantasy, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, alternate history, or magic realism.


emeraldcite said...

Sounds like fun!

Jaye Wells said...

Can't wait! Jason's contests are always fun.

Jeff said...

Short fiction contests are a great way to encourage people( who might otherwise be reluctant) to share and receive feedback on their work.
It's also a nice way to meet and interact with others in the writing community. :)
Flashes of Speculation looks interesting. Thanks for the link.

anne frasier said...

yep, i'm really looking forward to the contest! not that far off now!

Flood said...


You're right, the date is really just around the corner. What a great way to end the summer.

Sandra Ruttan said...

I'm sure the contest will be an enormous success. Jason does a fantastic job, and you will too Anne.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anne! Thanks everyone! We're baking up quite a shindig. Hope to see everyone there.

Bailey Stewart said...

Sorry - a little busy right now - I'm reading this book called Pale Immortal in any of the free time I have at the moment. *g* But Jason does have great contests and the entries are always wonderful reads.

Jude said...

Hope you get some treats. Sounds like it'll be an interesting read, in any case.

Tribe said...

I like the new white dress, wearing that to Bouchercon?

anne frasier said...

flood, yep, coming right up. august always seems to zip by.

thanks, sandra!
jason, please don't make me bring hotdish just because i live in MN.

bailey, i've been hearing good things about that book.
jude, it will be fun!

ah, the white dress.... tribe, you've given me an idea. but mine would have to be black. i love those vintage dresses. of course they all have 12 inch waists.
i think that photo was dated 1903.