Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the morning after

my dearest pimps:

what an amazing day we had.

i made a final round last night and didn't stop at nearly all of the blogs, but that took six or seven hours. the video got around 450 views. my blog got 700 hits. 150 is normal unless i've pissed somebody off. then it might reach 250. i'm fairly certain we had over 100 bloggers blogging. I might try to get a rough count in a couple of days.

i'm humbled and amazed by your overwhelming show of support, not to mention your willingness to jump in and be a part of something fun and silly. i'm always coming up with weird ideas that i have trouble getting people to participate in, so this was especially exciting for me! I appreciate the old friends who were there with drinks and games and party favors, and i appreciate the new friends who were more than willing to jump into the craziness. you guys are amazing.

truly forever your whore,


PS: i'm going out of town tomorrow, so i'll be packing and getting things in order today. i must force myself to step away from the computer for at least a few hours.


Bill Cameron said...

It was a good day! Rest up, and have a good trip!

Bailey Stewart said...

Anne - it was fun! We need to do it again some time. I heard a report of Jason being spotted downtown going through garbage cans - somebody needs to go pick him up.

Have a good trip!

stay_c said...


It was so fun to "hear" everyone's comments too. Even if it doesn't work out, some new readers are sure to find you now.

Tami said...

Congrats Anne! I had a blast. I must say, I love how PI's cover is shiny. Didn't realize that until I picked up my copy last night.

Have a fun and safe trip!

Nienke said...

Congrats on the success Anne!
Hope the trip is for pleasure (or at least contains some!)

Jer said...

I have a whore. This is a good day.

Lex Ham Rand said...

Most excellent fun! Thanks for the cyber party!

anne frasier said...

bill, thanks!

bailey, it WAS fun! i think the crawl element really took it up a big notch. that was really the best part.

stacie, comments were all over the place. i think all pretty positive, with a few WTFs in there. haha! WTFs are always good! keep 'em guessing.

tami, thanks! the finish on the cover is so nice. sometimes i can't find my own book because it vanishes with all the other books. this one shows up.

jer, and i'll still be your whore when i'm 90. how's that?

lex, i'm so glad you joined the craziness!

anne frasier said...

you know what was so great about this for me?
beyond the fact that it was just plain old FUN, i realized I've never had any kind of book launch party. ever. i sometimes do a few booksignings, but those usually don't take place on or very close to the release date, and they don't feel like a party. the book release is always just another day, with no celebration or nod that says this is a special day. but yesterday was THE RELEASE DATE. and this was a party! one that lasted over 12 hours!!


Anonymous said...

You're so very welcome, my friend. Anytime we can help, we will.

Um, while we're on the subject of help, can you lend me three or four Advil? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Bailey, thanks so much for the ride!!

She finally found me over by the cannery. I tried to follow your advice, Anne, but I guess I smelled the truck loads of sardines rather than the river. I didn't even mind wrapping myself in newspaper to sit in her car. It's just great to be home.

Daniel Hatadi said...
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Daniel Hatadi said...

Great virtual party, 'twas.

It's going to take us all a week to recover. What with the mouse callouses and all, not to mention the liver cirrhosis.

Thanks for coming up with such a great idea, Anne.

Jeff said...

I think everyone had fun, Anne. I know I did. You throw a great party. :)

Mary Louisa said...

Anne, it was an awesome time. Can't wait to do it again. Have a safe trip!

Jaye said...

Congrats on the party's success. I sure had fun, and *met* a bunch of cool fellow partyers.

anne frasier said...

jason, sorry about the headache, but that's the price you pay for a good time. ;)

daniel, i'm glad you were part of it. mouse callouses.
:D yeah, my liver's screaming right now.

jeff, you and that onion dip! can't have a party without onion dip. loved the cover contest/challenge you had going on!

mary louisa, thanks for arriving sober and driving everybody home.

jaye, i'm glad you came out of lurk for the party! ;)
and it looks like you stirred up some romance readers.
it will be interesting to see how they respond to the book.

Jaye Wells said...

So glad it was a success for you, Anne. It was fun on many levels.

anne frasier said...

thanks, jaye. and you are so right about the levels of fun.

your party rocked!!

Susan Flemming said...

Anne, you said:

"beyond the fact that it was just plain old FUN, i realized I've never had any kind of book launch party. ever."

Over on MJ Rose's blog on Sept 4th, she posted "The Ten Commandments of Staying Alive as a Writer." And Number Four states:

"Remember your publication day, to keep it holy and send yourself flowers, champagne, and give yourself a book party for the Lord thy Publisher doesn’t do that sort of thing anymore."

It is thus now a commandment that you shall henceworth throw a party for each book as it comes out.

This was so much fun! And I had a great time going from blog to blog reading what others had posted and then later when I checked my blog, so many people had left such great comments... that just added to the fun.

So when you have a launch party for your next book (in keeping with above commandment), I'd love to be part of it. Again congratulations, Anne!

anne frasier said...

susan, that commandment is so true!
i've been 100% guilty of neglecting to celebrate. i finish one thing and zero in on the next without taking a breath. not good.

i was still visiting blogs yesterday, catching up on comments i'd missed. some hilarious stuff out there!

i'm so glad you were a part of it!

Shesawriter said...

Oh, Anne, you're such a slut! Love you much!!! If you get another crazy idea, you can count on me. This one was a whole lotta fun!



Andrea Maloney said...

Anne, it was a great idea and great fun! And I bought Pale Immortal today! Saw it at the bookstore and grabbed it fast! I have two books to read for reviewing then I'm diving into Pale Immortal. :)

anne frasier said...

tanya, it was a blast! i'm trying to think of a way to top it. i had a flash of an idea last night....

andrea: thanks for joining the party! and thanks for picking up a copy of PI. i hope you like it.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry I had to miss the party, but so glad you had such success! Can't wait to read your book!