Sunday, September 24, 2006

thrillerchiller theatre!!

Introducing BookLoons first annual ThrillerChiller Theatre where we will be celebrating the spookiest month of the year one short story at a time! Join us for fear and fun!!

From BookLoons:

Do you love Halloween? Do you love spine-tingling Halloween stories? Then visit beginning October 1st when we'll dim the flickering house lights and raise the dusty red velvet curtains to bring you BookLoons' First Annual ThrillerChiller Theatre!!

Our Halloween loving romance editor, Martina Bexte, will get the audience really creeped out with her menacing little vampire tale, THINGS ARE DIFFERENT IN THE COUNTRY.

On October 7th our hunchbacked usherettes will unearth Shirley Damsgaard's spooky ghost story, LITTLE BOY LOST.

The week after that you and all your friends will get a chance to sink your incisors into Mario Acevedo's tasty shocker, WEDDING NIGHT FEAST.

And for the grand finale, Anne Frasier will have you running down the aisles screaming for your mother after reading her sinister story, THE REPLACEMENT.

So don't you dare miss a single installment of BookLoons' ThrillerChiller Theatre!!!!


Jeff said...

This is great! I'm looking forward to your story.
I want a seat on the front row, but near an exit in case I have to make a run for it! :)

Jaye Wells said...

Will there be refreshments?

anne frasier said...

good idea, jeff!!

jaye: ahah! another good idea!!! woot!!

Sandra Ruttan said...

That is so cool, Anne. Great lead in to Halloween.

anne frasier said...

it probably figures that halloween is my favorite holiday -- so a month of it is pretty exciting!!

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Looking forward to it. There are other holidays besides Halloween?

Anonymous said...

October is amazing! And now this. Most cool.

I hope they really pull out the classic horror movies on TV too. Usually I feel that their hearts are just not in it. Wimps.

Bill Cameron said...

Yeah, really. Why are there never Halloween in July sales? Actually, I'm glad there are never Halloween in July sales. Keep Halloween pure!

This looks like it will be lotsa fun!

angie said...

What a great idea! So..."Anne Frasier will have you running down the aisles screaming for your mother." Now THAT'S scary!

anne frasier said...

stephen: nothing compares to halloween, does it?
jason: oh yeah! i love those classic horror movies!
bill: i've actually bought halloween stuff in july, but it just isn't the same.

angie: i have to confess that mine is a bit on the campy, humorous side. i had an idea for something scary -- it's still in my head, but i haven't yet figured out the twist it needs, so i finally put it away and wrote this one.

Anonymous said...


Great blog. Look forward to reading your story.


anne frasier said...

thanks, mario. i'm really looking forward to yours!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne..first of all, thanks for participating in our little Halloween excursion and also for helping to get the word out about ThrillerChlller Theatre! The Loons appreciate it! Your chocolate Loonies are on the way!

Same goes for you Mario!!

And yes...there'll be refreshments available -- Witch Hazel's fingernail thimble cookies and blood curdling kool-aid!!!

Martina Bexte///BookLoons