Friday, September 15, 2006

Spinetingler Magazine

the fall issue of Spinetingler is out! what a lineup of short stories by some of my favorite writers. In glancing over the table of contents, I can see this is will be an issue to savor. It includes an interview with Peter Robinson, along with a review of Piece of My Heart.

spinetingler table of contents

a cool bonus:
By M. G. Tarquini and Elizabeth Krecker

the road interviews

also included is Sandra Ruttan's review of Pale Immortal. i have to mention this because it might possibly go down in my personal history as being the best review i've ever received.

PI review

This issue of Spinetingler:

Roudabout by Patricia Abbott
The Killing by Stephen Allan
The Devil To Pay by John Barr
I am Sam by Bill Blume
Prey For Change by Betsy Dornbusch
Boys Will Be Boys by Sam Douglas
Killing Carol Ann by JT Ellison
The New Kid by James Goodman
Bad Dreams by Andy P. Jones
With The Help of a Stranger by Lauri Kubuitsile
Lucy Comes Calling by Sarita Leone
Camera Shy by Ed Lynskey
Haven City by Beverle Myers
Natural Causes by James Oswald
When Kyle Comes by Colleen Quinn
Tip Your Head Back by Stephen D. Rogers
In The Bones by Tracy Sharp
Cat’s Pay by Pam Skochinski
Nuts to You by Paul Svendsen

Chris High profiles Peter Robinson and interviews Reggie Nadelson and reviews their latest works.

Sandra Ruttan interviews Simon Kernick

Sandra Ruttan profiles publisher Crème de la Crime, who has exciting news for North American crime fiction fans

Andrea Maloney reviews:
Twisted Perception by Bob Avey
Art’s Bloody by Vicki Lane
Max Unlocks The Universe by Mark Bouton
Murder, Mather and Mayhem by ME Kemp
The Deadly Tools of Ignorancy by Robert Elias
A Dream of Drowned Hollow by Lee Barwood
Philippine Fever by Bruce Cook
Baby Shark by Robert Fate
Deadly Interest by Julie Hyzy
The Final Judgment by Michael A. Black
Blind Traveler Down a Dark River by Robert P. Bennett

M. Wayne Cunningham reviews:
Framed by Tonino Benqcquista
The Last Days by Gail Bowen
The Joining of Dingo Radish by Rob Harasymchuk

Flood Gondek reviews:
Murder Without Pity by Steve Haberman
The Scout Master: A Prepared Death by Luisa Beuhler

Diana Bane reviews The Case of Emily V by Keith Oatley

Sandra Ruttan reviews:
Pale Immortal by Anne Frasier
The Flood by Ian Rankin
The Green Room by Deborah Turrell Atkinson
The Last Assassin by Barry Eisler

Web profiles:
DevilDog by James Oswald
Mouth Full of Bullets by BJ Bourg

Staff Profile: Tracy Sharp

Bonus: Between the Hardbacks with Barry Eisler and JA Konrath by Elizabeth Krecker and MG Tarquini


James Goodman said...

Oh, yeah...Spinetingler RAWKS! :D Congrats on have PI reviewed with them.

Bill Cameron said...

I just dl'ed my copy!

Mary Louisa said...

What a lovely review! And it looks like a fab mag. WOOHOO!

anne frasier said...

james: lol! i agree! it's a great magazine.

bill, i just dl'ed it too. :D

mar louisa: thanks! you might be interested in looking over past issues. there are some great articles, stories, and interviews.

Sandra Ruttan said...

James spelled 'rocks' wrong. :P

Thanks for the big push Anne! Thrilled to have had a chance to read the book in time to get the review in. A personal best? Really? Well, I was completely honest. I hope others read PI and enjoy it as much as I did.

Jeff said...

I'm looking forward to reading this issue of Spinetingler.
Fantastic review of Pale Immortal, Sandra. :)

M. G. Tarquini said...

Thanks for the link, Anne. You're a doll.

anne frasier said...

sandra: LOL! i loved the RAWKS spelling!

jeff, looks like a good one! i can't wait to dig in.

m.g.: your welcome. i can't wait to read about your adventure!

james: i thought i'd lost my mind this morning. i thought i saw your story up there, then i didn't...which made me think i must have seen it on the title page of thrilling detective. but now all is squared away and you are where you should be! can't wait to read the new kid!

James Goodman said...

Thanks, Anne. I'm devouring the magazine even as we speak. I just took a little break to cruise the blogosphere. Oh, and RAWKS vs. Rocks. I picked that up somewhere and it just stuck :D

BTW, Sandra's review of Pale Immortal makes me want to drop the book I'm reading now and move directly to PI. I can't wait to er, sink my teeth into it.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! That is a serious, serious issue. Sorry I have to run, I'm going over to check it out.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Thanks Jeff, and James (you RAWK!)...

Jason, serious issue? There's at least one thing that should prompt a smile. Promise. :)

angie said...

Great review for Pale Immortal. Aren't ya glad you didn't go for the kool aid?!

anne frasier said...

james: RAWKS is nice. i have a feeling i'll be using that at some point. and sandra's review made ME want to read PI. :D

jason: it does look like a good one!

sanda, i've said this before, but i love that photo. you just look SO...sly!

angie, good thing i had to take the time to mix it up! the kool aid, that is. that's tasteless, isn't it?

Rob Gregory Browne said...

Nice of you to give Sandra a plug. She's a great gal and one of my Killer Year pals.

Sandra Ruttan said...

Aw, Rob is so sweet! I didn't even pay him to say that!

anne frasier said...

rob, she is a great gal!

she's also a tease. ;)

Elizabeth said...

You're so sweet, Anne! I'm so bummed that I'm not going to Bouchercon so that I could meet you, though I'm sure you'll be plenty swamped with blog friends without me!

Can't WAIT to read your book after reading this great review! Spinetingler RAWKS!!!! and so does Anne Frasier!!

anne frasier said...

elizabeth, i wish you were going to bouchercon too! but there will be other conferences, and i have the feeling our paths will eventually cross. does that sound threatening? :D