Wednesday, September 27, 2006

overheard at bouchercon


i'm going to attempt to collect interesting snippets of conversation to post here once i get home. if you're attending bouchercon and want to add an overheard, please post it in the comment section!!


from wikipedia:

"Bouchercon, the Anthony Boucher Memorial World Mystery Convention, is an annual convention of creators and devotees of mystery and detective fiction. It is named in honour of writer, and editor Anthony Boucher.
It is held annually, each year being hosted in a different city by a different group of volunteers. is the main website for the convention, and each year's host puts together a website of their own.
People who attend are fans, authors, agents, booksellers, publishers and other people who read and enjoy mystery and crime fiction. The first one was held in Santa Monica, CA in 1970. The guest of honor was Robert Bloch of "Psycho" fame.
The standing commitee changes year to year being made up of people who have hosted and will host the convention, and three at large members who are voted in by the membership. (The membership is the attendees)
The standing committee is in charge of receiving and voting on bids for future sites for Bouchercon. Anyone is allowed to put in a bid."

overheard the night before i left home:

"Kierkegaard sure was a genius, i usually get so bored by philosophers but this dude was right one. Are you watching Top Model?"


Anonymous said...


Kierkegaard is indeed a genius, but Top Model? You decide LOL:

anne frasier said...

anon: i laughed pretty hard at that myself. :D

diversity is good. thanks for the image link!

mai wen said...

I must confess, I love America's Next Top Model, and I don't know why. I'm not obsessed with looks or celebrities. I'm not particularly fashionable nor infatuated with models. Yet that is one of the only reality shows I watch. That and Project Runway (again, don't know why)...

my best guess is that since I'm so not-trendy and lame in the fashion department that world intrigues me. It doesn't change my fashion choices however, I still go for comfort above all else. I'm married, screw it, I'm not going to kill myself for any look. :) Okay, so fine, I didn't care much before I was married either.

Tami said...

HA! That was awesome. Kierkegaard and Top Model. What a mix!

Have a great time Anne.

Kel said...

Have a good time! Can't wait to read some overheard conversation. hehe

Lara Adrian said...

(try to) Have a good time, Anne! Safe travels.


Jaye said...

LOL. Great tidbit. Hope you have a great time, Anne!

Susan Flemming said...

Looking forward to reading all about it when you get back.

Tribe said...

Here's what I overheard in the Bar: "She does NOT have a fat ass!"

Jaye Wells said...

Overheard in my head: "When is Anne going to post about her trip?"

Bill Cameron said...

"He doesn't think anyone saw him do that, but I have pictures."

anne frasier said...

"You have a condom moment too? What's your condom moment?"

anne frasier said...

"He spanked me with a magnet."