Friday, May 12, 2006

looking for book reviewers

i have several ARCs of Pale Immortal i would like to send out for review. if you review books and you'd like a copy, please email me!



Rob Gregory Browne said...

And if I DON'T review books? :)

Actually, I'd rather buy the book. When does it come out? I've been away for the week and am out of touch with the blog world.

I'm looking forward to this one, Anne. Can't wait.

I'm rambling, aren't I?


anne frasier said...

rob, i'd rather read the finished book without the distraction of mistakes. plus you never know what changes were made after the uncorrected proofs were printed. it is interesting to see the difference between arcs though. some are full of mistakes; others are pretty clean. at this stage i tend to change dialogue more than anything.

i mailed out 15 arcs sunday. have a few more ready to go, and a few left. wish i have about 20 more! some writers pay the publisher to print extra copies. i might do that next time.

Jer said...

Wish my name meant something in the book world. Would love to read the arc. Am an excellent editor, but a no-name reviewer. :) Jer

e-mom said...

Hey, I review books :D

anne frasier said...

jer and emom: if i have any copies left i'll send you one!

Tami said...

OH! Add me to the "if I have any left list please!" I can't wait to read it, even the clowns with balloons section. ;)