Friday, May 26, 2006

where do you get your ideas?

mine are just inside this door.

go on.

open it.


then you might want to check the idea boutique where heather waters asked guest bloggers the big idea question.
i just happen to be the saturday guest. ;)

the idea boutique


Sandra Ruttan said...

Oh, I thought you were going to discuss psychic channeling of characters! Darn.

I get mine at the ideas shop. $11.99 each. So stories with big subplots are a kicker financially.

emeraldcite said...

i get mine at walmart. $.99

you can also find my ideas on the mcdonalds value menu. supersize it for an extra $.49

or as my wife says:

"for thirty-nine cents, you can biggie size my love."

anne frasier said...

sandra: the idea shop! that makes me wonder if there anybody has a website where they actually sell plots....

emeraldcite: LOL! two comedians in the family! i keep hearing those word set to the PJ harvey song to bring you my love. hehe.

i'm also imagining picking up ideas at the drive-through. then they tell me to pull ahead, the ideas weren't quite ready.

emeraldcite said...


Jeff said...

"Where do you get your ideas?"


* all "NEW IDEAS" are a trademark of JNEP.

Kelly Parra said...

Cool blog idea!

I get my ideas by this whisper in my ear.... (muhahahaha) ;D

Stephen Blackmoore said...

I get my ideas from a homeless guy named Leon who hangs out in a cardboard box in Santa Monica. He doles them out of his shopping cart for cigarettes and booze.

anne frasier said...

Jeff, oh yes! i should have known this was already a JNEP!

kelly, it IS a cool idea. :)

stephen, poor leon! he tried to sell me a plot i'd read 100 times.

Bailey Stewart said...

I get my ideas from Madame Zula and her crystal ball. And the nekkid muses, of course.

anne frasier said...

eve: ooh, those nekkid muses. :D