Wednesday, May 10, 2006

win a Pale Immortal advance reading copy

i need a new way to convey blogland laughter.

i already have these:

bring me your laughs.
the best laugh wins an ARC.

contest ends when it ends.


stay_c said...

tee hee

Bethany K. Warner said...


Kelly Parra said...



LOL! (This is me really laughing.;D)

Bailey Stewart said...


sandra seamans said...


Jer said...

Kelly already submitted mine, but mine is a little different. I say heh-heh-heh, but when you say it out loud it sounds wonderfully evil.

The other one I use is [insert evil grin here]


Stephen Blackmoore said...


( rolling on the floor laughing my freakin' ass off and if I don't stop laughing I'm gonna pee myself and then I'll have to clean everything up and the dogs will wonder why they can't do the same thing on the carpet and that just won't work out for anybody because the next thing you know they'll start telling all the other dogs about it and we'll have a revolution on our hands and the dog owners will come after me with pitchforks and torches like that Frankenstein movie or maybe it was Dracula or was it the wolfman I don't know but I guess it doesn't matter because I'll be run down by pitchfork wielding dog owners with soiled carpets and where was I again? )

annefrasier said...

goddammit! LOL!

folks, the bar has just been raised.

stephen is going to be tough to beat.

i can't stop laughing!


Anonymous said...

Pfffffffft! *sizzle*

(The tasty beverage showering the monitor and keyboard. The resulting short circuit).

Jeff said...


I laughed so hard at this I messed up my pants and had to go change but I knew as soon as I got back there would be something else just as funny here and it would start the whole process over again so I decided to put a diaper on myself and keep going and the most incredible thing of all is I discovered by using disposable diapers and keeping a trash can with a lid by my side I never have to leave the computer!

bekbek said...

You've already seen this one, but I think given the longer options, this one ought to get points for brevity:

I pooted.

emeraldcite said...


(I Asphyxiated On My Own Laughter)

Or one of my favorites:


anne frasier said...

so many good ones. this is going to be tough!

jeff -- i'm detecting a theme here... haha

i'm kinda fond of sandra's chucka-chucka-chuckle for the weirdness of it.

bek: i pooted -- that's a beauty

Sandra Ruttan said...

(or perhaps more appropriate for some) cackles, abbreviated kakls

anne frasier said...

i am really getting a kick out of this hehaw stuff.
keep it coming. i'll probably announce the winner in a couple of days.

i can't imagine trying to judge an online writing contest. i'm having a hard time choosing a best-laugh winner.


RichelleX said...

Alright, well here's some of my ideas ....
HHeeeehawww (snorty/donkey laugh)
Bwahahaaaa (loud, over-the-top laugh)
XD (the "i'm laughing soo hard that my eyes are squinting!" OR the Extreme Laugh smiley face)
* shows teeth *
~falls off chair laughing~

Well, that looks like a good list :)

emeraldcite said...

how about *wrorff*

Of course, that sounds more like you're choking on a chiuaua. But, what you're doing eating a small dog and trying to laugh at the same time is beyond me.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

I thought choking the chiuaua was a euphemism for something.

emeraldcite said...


which makes it even more of an oddity...

anne frasier said...

oh my god! and i already used it in the other post.
this reminds me of the time YEARS ago when those high school boys handed me an inflated condom and told me it was a balloon.


emeraldcite said...