Tuesday, May 23, 2006

win with me!

sign up and win stuff!
i don't usually do things like this, but i signed up through a friend and started using blingo and fairly quickly won an itunes gift certificate.

what's cool is that my friend also won the same thing.



Jer said...

I did it.

Also you can go to noodles.com, sign up for their birthday club, and not only get free food on your birthday, you'll get an email coupon for free food right away from Noodles & Company. (Jer, carb addict)

anne frasier said...

woo-hoo! i didn't know that about noodles. i have one a mile from my house and eat there about twice a week. i guess i love how everything leaves a waxy residue in my mouth. :O i signed up.

vampran said...

So everyone can win? WOW! The last thing I won was a goldfish at the county fair( in Louisiana we call them the parish fair)years ago!

anne frasier said...

vampran: a goldfish! i always felt sorry for those fair fish!

so far in the past couple of weeks (in various online contests) i've won a 5x7 print, the itunes gift cert, and the big one: a pink t-shirt that says BOTOX across the front in sparkly letters. :D i can't wait for that to arrive in the mail.

Tami said...

LOL, wow Anne you've sure won the gamet of things! I signed up too, so hopefully I can be right there with ya in this winning odd crap department. Who doesn't like free stuff??

anne frasier said...

good luck, tami!!