Thursday, May 11, 2006

send in the clowns

you turn in the manuscript and wait for feedback.

that's a very vulnerable time. doesn't matter if you're unpublished or have written 50 books. when the project you thought would knock editors out is instead declared a POS, you tend to lose perspective. especially from a fetal position.

but with distance i see that i was right. doesn't make me feel any better, because the damage is done. i added the scene i was told to add, and there it is in all its glory, sticking out like a neon sign. it's clumsy and contrived, and completely goes against what i was trying to do. it takes place in the first third of the book, when readers are trying to decide if they should keep going or put the book down and never pick it up again. to be honest, most readers probably won't even notice it, but to me it's a pretty big deal because it's not just a scene, it actually tampers with the structure, mood, and pace of the book.

it's like a clown with balloons suddenly walked across the page. :D

the scene does have a purpose, but it's something that could have been achieved in a different way. sigh. the rest of is book is fairly solid, so i'm hoping it still holds up.

anyway, it's done.
i have a new editor for the next book.
we'll see how that goes. i'm not somebody who doesn't think she should be edited. anybody who reads my blog knows i need an editor! we all need editors. this was just a case of conflicting visions. it happens.


Anne McAllister said...

I so totally know what you mean, Anne. I had a book early in my career that, by the time it was published, was a result of conflicting visions. It is still my least favorite book because, in my view, the concept of the original book and characters was so much better -- and truer to my voice as a writer. It needed editing, sure, but it didn't need wholesale tampering with. I wish all your readers a pair of blinders (just as I wished mine) when they come to your 'clown with the balloons.'

Mark Pettus said...

Crap, Anne. I'm sorry.

As you say, well maybe next year.

Tami said...

Hey Anne, chin up! I'm sure we won't even notice. I personally can't wait to get my hands on it and read it!

annefrasier said...

anne, thanks for reminding me that this is somewhat normal.

mark, yep, hang in there. ;)

tami, i hope nobody will notice. especially now that i pointed it out! :D
ooh. i need a new laugh....


that worked nicely.

emeraldcite said...

I'm sure it'll turn out fine. Most readers are not aware of the plight of the author.

Stephen Blackmoore said...

Oh, great, now those of us with OCD are going to have to go looking for it. I'll spend so much time reading the first third of the book over and over that I may never get to the end.

You're a cruel, cruel mistress, Anne. Cruel, I say. Did I mention cruel?

anne frasier said...

stephen, i doubt you'll have much trouble.

oh, but wouldn't it be funny if you pointed out the wrong scene. *snort* THAT would be cruel!!

emeraldcite: i think writers will notice the slight? awkwardness, but i don't think a lot of readers will.

e-mom said...

clowns in the book? with balloons? Jesus christ, are you trying to make me NOT read it :D

(yes, I'm retarded, but you know how I fear clowns and balloons :D )

emeraldcite said...

we'll love you no matter what.

annefrasier said...

emom, but the clown's twisting balloons into evangelists.

emeraldcite, what a nice thing to say!

Bailey Stewart said...

I'm with Stephen - now I'm going to spend time looking for it, because I can't help myself.

I think all writer's have that problem - they think the the one bad thing in their work will stand out - but really, it's the good stuff that the readers remember.

Besides, that pimple isn't really that big *gg*

anne frasier said...


Besides, that pimple isn't really that big *gg*