Monday, April 03, 2006

Crapo Park in Burlington, Iowa, is famous for a lot of things. Its breathtaking beauty. The way it's situated on a bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi. Chief Black Hawk hung out there. It also used to be famous for flashers. The first time I was flashed was along this path. If you follow the trail to the right -- that's where it was. Right around the corner and off the image. The guy's probably still there. Another girl was with me. We were about sixteen. And you can bet we did a lot of screaming and scrambling --

--through heavy vegetation that looked like this:

So this whole ridiculous introduction is to say I'm flashing again. At Kelly's place.
fictional musings
This is my last one. I swear. Really. I'm quitting. This is it. I'll be standing in line at the methadone clinic tomorrow.


Princess Robin Ra Ra said...

Reminds me of "The Exorcist" stairs. :D

Anonymous said...

And what a great one it is!

(I mean the story, not the "root" he showed you in the forest.)

I don't know, Anne. Sounds a bit like "Behind the Music" on VH1. Every rock star hits the depths of addiction, but by some miracle, just when they filmed the piece, the star has put all that behind him/her. They're living the clean life.

...until you see them back in court for possession six months later.

Flash fiction is hard habit to break.

stay_c said...

I went to high school in Prairie du Chien, WI. Across the river, in Iowa, was some park that had pathways and railings just like your pictures here. Oh does that bring back memories

anne frasier said...

princess robin!! so nice to see you here. :)

jason: LOL! that's exactly how it is. leif garrett is one of the more recent ones.
stay -c: the prairie du chein area is beautiful. pale immortal is set about 100 miles from there.

Mark Pettus said...

I'm curious about the flash in the woods.

The first time? Was that a lead-in to your short story, or are you a perv magnet?

Kelly Parra said...

Perv flasher!! Ew.

But Fade Away is an awesome flash!!!

anne frasier said...

thanks, kelly! it's too bad pervs are attracted to those places, but i guess there's no ideal spot for them. :D i'll bet the internet has cut down on those public displays of affection.

mark: yes, i'm a perv magnet!! that's so sad. hehe. it happened again a few years later. the first guy was young -- about 25. the second one was about 105.

Shesawriter said...

Beautiful pics, Anne. BTW, the comment you made on my blog was on spot. You nailed why I find men so much easier to write. Wow!


Katie Baird said...

I was born in Burlington, myself and recently traveled there on a wacky, nostalgic road trip with my brothers and mom.

While there, we stopped at Crapo, Dankwardt(sp?) and Perkins Parks to see if they were as beautiful and HUGE as we remembered them. They were.

I remember going down those stairs pictured when I was about 15, hoping I'd meet a cute guy along the trail. Guess I'm lucky I didn't meet a perv!

Today I live in Prescott, Arizona, a town where lots of people own vacation homes. After my trip I've been stuck on the idea of buying a second home, myself, on the bluffs above the Mississippi. Who goes BACK to Iowa??

Nice blog


anne frasier said...

katie, i've been fantasizing about moving back to burlington since last spring. am i crazy???? i'm not sure!!

and where else could i actually afford a house on the bluff overlooking the mississippi???
burlington is a beautiful town.