Sunday, April 02, 2006

proposal update

Part 1:
As I've mentioned too many times, I sent in a proposal for book 2 in September. Contractually my publisher couldn't accept it at that time. But I sent it anyway, hoping for a hint of their feelings.

This looks like something we will want. Or even: This looks like something we MIGHT want.

The total silence was another kind of hint. It told me this: We will be asking for something different when the times comes.

But without an outright NO, I still clung to a small amount of hope that they would accept the proposal, which is a sequel to Pale Immortal. Without a YES, and with a strong hint of NO, I didn't want to begin working on the sequel.

Part 2:
I'm now working with a new editor. She recently asked for an expanded synopsis. Completely understandable. My previous editor preferred no more than a five-page synopsis, so I'd originally sent five pages and a 2 short chapters.

So I sent an expanded synopsis and my new editor has asked for some clarifications and made a couple of suggestions that I totally agree with.

Going back to the core story.

I've said this before, but it seems I always end up back at the beginning. My initial idea is usually best. My agent read the proposal and worried that a character - Isobel - from book 1 was absent in book 2. I'd had the same concern, so when he also mentioned it I returned to the synopsis, shifted things around, and added her to the story. This severely diminished another character's role, and my editor picked up on that. So I went back in and removed poor Isobel who is now out of the country. Some readers will miss her, but the story is stronger with her gone.

So... the latest synopsis is done and it's beginning to look as if they are going to accept the sequel, although you never know until it's officially approved.

Part 3:
YOU MOVE ME. Ain't gonna happen. Not this summer anyway. My plan was to have the first draft of book 2 done by now, and I haven't even started it. There is no way I can write a book this summer and also sell my house and move. So the house goes on the back burner. I'm hoping I can get away next winter for a month, which would be very nice. That's the tentative plan at this point.


Anonymous said...

I've got my fingers crossed on part 2. A nice bright green light, and you can kick it in gear.

emeraldcite said...

What? You mean you can't finish a draft in three days, one fifth of vodka, and two hours of sleep?

That's how I do it.


Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Is it me or does the industry run like a water wheel at the end of a dried up creek?

Kelly Parra said...

Good luck the last revision gets approved. It's tough when you have to supply someone else's ideals within a book.

I know I've had trouble following someone's suggestions and wondering if I got it right this time around.

My fingers are crossed for you. =D

anne frasier said...

thanks, jason!
emeraldcite: add a flash flood to that. :D

kelly, the nice thing is that this was basically elaborating on a few things, so i feel pretty good about it.

Jeff said...

Good news: It does appear they are not only interested in your proposal but plan on accepting it with the few minor changes. I'm pulling for you. :)

Bad news: Now I have to worry about poor Isobel all alone in some other country and what might happen to her.

anne frasier said...

jeff, i hope poor isobel sends text messages so we'll know she's okay. ;)

stay_c said...

I love posts like this that show what a writer's life is really like.

Thanks for sharing!

anne frasier said...

stacy -- thanks so much! i was afraid the post would put people to sleep!

Shesawriter said...


You've been through so much already with this project. I hope it works out.



emeraldcite said...

i was afraid the post would put people to sleep!


the industry is very interesting. scary, but interesting.

anne frasier said...

tanya: thanks!
emeraldcite: from what i hear, what i've been going through is pretty unusual. if that makes you feel any better. :D

Princess Robin said...

well damn.



anne frasier said...

princess robin, i'm at least going to try to make it to savannah for a visit!