Tuesday, April 04, 2006

three things

Static has been added to the crime spot aggregator here:

crime spot

Bethany at Word Nerd is now featuring mini-interviews with writers. My interview went up this week. Also check out J. A. Konrath's from last week.

word nerd Thanks, Bethany!

Tribe blogs about something called New Weird that I found extremely interesting.



Kelly Parra said...

I kept wondering when you were going to list on crimespot. =D Awesome!

I love that about the New Weird, it's almost like describing your flash, or maybe your latest release? Do you know my anticipation for PI is seriously building? =D

Bethany K. Warner said...

You are welcome. Thanks for doing the interview!
(As a teaser, I have interviews with 4 other great authors for really varied genres ready to post in the coming weeks!)

Jeff said...

I'm glad Static has been added to Crimespot.
Good interview with Bethany.
I read Tribe's post on New Weird and I agree it's interesting.

anne frasier said...

kelly, now the pressure is on!
bethany, i look forward to the other interviews.

jeff, i have to wonder if new weird has always been around but it's just now being given a name... a name that i like! :D

jamie ford said...

The New Weird thing is interesting. But I'm not convinced it's that new. Maybe just its popularity.

Harlan Ellison fit the same cross-genre descriptors thirty years ago. Neil Gaiman quotes Ellison's Deathbird Stories as a major influence as well.

Tribe said...

Fraom what little I understand about New Weird, it seems that it's like H. P. Lovecraft...but with a lot more attitude, and no goddamn hobbits!

stay_c said...

Thanks for answering Word Nerd's questions. It's great to delve into the minds of published authors!

anne frasier said...

tribe: :D goddamn hobbits!

stay c: i love online interviews. no nasty surprises. :D