Thursday, April 27, 2006

Moxie press -- new romance publisher set to release first book in june

Anybody know anything about Moxie Press? They are new; their first title comes out in June. They contacted me about possibly epublishing my old romances. Apparently my books are ones readers would like to see reissued.

the contract looks pretty standard and expires after a year.
my concern is that it might negatively impact my current career. the books they are talking about are ANCIENT. the first one is almost 20 years old, the last is 8. i worry they would serve as simply a curiosity. Books that were considered daring and cutting edge will now come across as dated and cliche. But i'm very tempted to try it with one book.

From the website:

Welcome to Moxie Press!

We at Moxie Press currently seek well-written, entertaining romance novels from new and experienced authors all over the world. We are looking to acquire original and out-of-print romance novels from a wide range of authors to publish in electronic form, with plans to publish a selection in paperback in the near future.

Moxie Press


kel said...

I couldn't bring the site up at the moment. Wow, this is a tough call and very flattering! I think there are both readers who know your romance background and other name, and some who don't. Good luck with the decision!

Tribe said...

I'd try it with one, Anne. 'Cause you're right, if you feel that they're gonna read dated now, people will doubt your bad-ass persona of today.

anne frasier said...

thanks, kelly. i realized i don't even have any files of anything. i have heard of places that actually scan the book pages, but i think that takes some expensive equipment.

tribe, yes I don't want my bad-ass persona destroyed!!

Sandra Ruttan said...

Yeah, you've worked so hard at whoring yourself, why tone it down for a bit of flowers and chocolates and heart-racing moments?

anne frasier said...

sandra: EXACTLY!!!

emeraldcite said...

well, who would benefit most from the deal? you or them?

what do you get from it? (an interlized question, not necessarily one that needs to be answered out loud).

would your current sales get a boost?

will they tie this to your current brand? (there's some konrath wording for ya!)

It's a tough call.

anne frasier said...

emeraldcite: good questions! thanks! a couple of the books might tie in with the upcoming book and could possibly help boost sales.... hmmm.

Jeff said...

"my concern is that it might negatively impact my current career."
"But I'm very tempted to try it with one book."

I don't think "testing the water" with one book would negatively impact your current career. With you choosing the book they publish, and the contract limited to one year, I think it's worth a try. :)

anne frasier said...

the more i think about it the more appealing it seems. i'm not expecting big sales, but i just think it might be fun and interesting. i'm waiting to hear back from my agent. i doubt he'll want to be involved since there's no negotiating, but i have to check.

jamie ford said...

Interesting indeed. Would the name on the books be Theresa Weir, or would it be Anne Frasier? (With the small "previously published by..." ala Dean Koontz/Owen West).

anne frasier said...

jamie, i imagine the name would be theresa weir with maybe a mention of anne frasier, but i'm not sure.

jamie ford said...

Might be nice to get a mention at least, or at least reference your current stuff.

e-mom said...


seeing as how i read a few of the books

i think you should test the waters with one. They were really good...for those type of books that I don't really read :-D
I don't think they'd be that "outdated" either. I don't think most readers really pay attention to that type of thing if the books is good.
Which one are you thinking of test driving?

anne frasier said...

emom-- i'm thinking either cool shade or bad karma.

jamie, i think that's an excellent idea.